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We support businesses by offering sales and marketing solutions to deliver personalized and targeted email messages to your target audiences with Email Marketing Malaysia.

Email Marketing Malaysia

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Email Marketing Malaysia

E-mail Design

We are required a mock up or wireframe from your side to let us know what kind of layout do you prefer, although we have our own e-mail template for you to refer. Besides that, we need your side to provide content in the marketing e-mail to make sure your e-mail is target to the significant audience.

Mobile Responsive

Our team will based on your preferred email design to code the layout by our developer to make sure that your e-mail design is responsive to every e-mail client. We are using a programming framework to create the more user-friendly e-mail design.

E-mail Recipients

We will provide an example of the excel file which allow you to insert all the e-mail recipients for us. Or you can just send us all the e-mail recipients from your side and we will help to compile every recipients into a file to make sure there’s no redundant e-mail.


By doing segmentation in your e-mail recipients, you can start planning and creating more complex segments to guarantee you’re sending targeted and relevant communications. Knowing which categories you can and want to target allows you to better plan your messaging and the channels you’ll use to deliver it.

Campaign Creation

Our team will help to create a campaign once your side has finalized everything on the e-mail which is subject, e-mail content, send from e-mail, and time to send out to make sure there’s no mistake before we blast to your target audience. We also help to validate your send from e-mail domain with DKIM, SPF and DMARC to maximize the chances of delivery into inbox.

Reports & Tracking

The sent out e-mail results reporting includes information like as open rates, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes, allowing you to track and analyse the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Email Marketing Pricing

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Email Marketing Malaysia FAQ

How long it takes to send out all the emails?

It depends on the number of e-mail recipients that you would like to send out. Sending over 20,000 e-mails per day is possible.

How do you make sure that all the e-mails are get delivered to inboxes?

We will help to authenticate your e-mail domain by using the following method.

  • DKIM
  • SPF

Once your domain has been verified from our system, your marketing e-mails will unlikely get into spam folder.

What is DKIM, SPF and DMARC?


DomainKeys Identified Mail in a nutshell, provides an encryption key and digital signature that ensures an email message was not forged or altered.


Sender Policy Framework allows email senders to specify which IP addresses are permitted to send email for a specific domain.


It is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol that stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance.

What information is contained in the email campaign report & tracking?

The campaign reports and tracking give you a plethora of information on the performance of your campaigns, as well as tools for managing and improving that performance over time. The e-mail campaign reports and tracking contain a lot of information, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s accessible and what it all means:


  • Sentit was successfully sent and accepted by the recipient server.
  • Opened – Open tracking informs you whether or whether your contacts open the emails you send.
  • Clicked – Click monitoring enables you to determine whether contacts have clicked on links in your campaign. Your campaign report will reveal which contacts clicked on your links.
  • SpamSpam complaints are made when the recipient believes an email is unsolicited. Spam is typically aimed at marketing emails; whereas transactional emails usually do not warrant spam complaints.
  • Soft BouncedThis is a temporary issue such as the recipient’s inbox being full or a connection timeout.
  • Hard Bounced – This is a permanent delivery error caused by an invalid email address (e.g. a mistyped email, a non-existent destination server).
  • Blocked – This could be the recipient reported your email as Spam or an email address that has already hard bounced.
How many days in advanced you should prepare the mockup and e-mail recipients?

It’s better your side prepare all the e-mail contents, e-mail marketing mockup as image and e-mail recipients 2-3 business days in advanced. To do so, we are able to have a review of the final revision before we do send out the campaign.

What if I would like to add on some e-mail recipients after the campaign has been sent out?

You can send the remaining e-mail address to us and we will help to include the additional e-mail address into the campaign.

Is the e-mail design responsive?

Yes, the e-mail we design is definitely responsive which building from scratch with coding by our team. The e-mail is 100% viewable in every client.

Benefit of Email Marketing


E-mail marketing can be one of the most cost-effective types of marketing accessible to a business since it uses smart technologies to build and distribute your campaign while eliminating the costs associated with a traditional mail-out.

Surprising simplicity

There are several automatic technologies available to help with campaign preparation, such as email generation, social media post scheduling, and SMS message distribution. This gives you more time to accomplish high-value activities, such as chatting with clients!

Increased conversions

You’ll ultimately see greater conversions if you’ve built a database of individuals who want to hear from you and acquired the aforementioned recognition.

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