Ever wonder Mobile Development can help on your business or upskill your CV when you are looking for a new job?

choose the right mobile development platform

Choose the right platform to your mobile development!

Kindly note that I’m not focusing on the Android and iOS Native Mobile Development. I will only focus on the Cross Mobile Development Platform in the article.

There are two competitive mobile development platform in the market you can learn right now, React Native and Flutter. Definitely they are the good platform to develop a good mobile app for yourself or your customer.

Why didn’t I mention about PhoneGap, Cordova, Xamarin and Ionic? Obviously you can see the community of React Native and Flutter are way more bigger than the other. Why community is one of the key to choose on your mobile development? This is because most importantly is about the problem solving and seeking for the best solution on what you encounter during the development. If you are development on the platform that has very small community involved, you might very hard to look into the solution and discussing the issue other people.

Why React Native? (Mobile Platform by Meta Platforms, Inc)

Bear in mind that React Native is not 100% natively written in Swift/Obj-C or Java to run on the mobile devices. It is just a JavaScript library which allow the consumer create mobile app to run on both Android and iOS. JavaScript comes to play as a bridge that will communicate with the native thread by using the React Native bridge which it is a custom message-passing protocol that make the mobile app happened in the devices. Therefore, if you are developing on React Native, you can speed up your development timeframe due to one code will execute to both different Android and iOS platform respectively.

However, React Native can provide very smooth and responsive design for mobile apps. It’s cheaper compare to native mobile development since you don’t need to get more developer to implement with React Native framework, unlike native iOS and Android platform, you have to find the dedicated developer to work on the mobile app respectively. Besides that, your developer definitely doesn’t need long time to cope with the React Native framework since it’s based on JavaScript, it’s an open source and community driven framework where you can find any resource with ease.

Why Flutter? (Mobile Platform by Google LLC)

Flutter is a mobile development framework which close to native-like apps design to dedicated iOS and Android native development. Basically it is an open source software development kit that allow developer develops mobile apps in ease by writing with just one time of code but execute to different platform such as Android, iOS, Web and Desktop apps. Flutter provides high quality natively build of compiled apps to increase the performance of the mobile apps. As a result, Flutter has a better performance in terms of compiling of codes due to their language is written in Dart.

If you are an existing Java or C# developer, you will not have an issue to adapt on the new Flutter language called Dart. The structure of Dart looks very similar to the well-known object-oriented programming languages which is Java and C#. However, what you need to focus on Flutter when you are developing is their widget-based technology. You need to get used to their widget tree based of User Interface construction, you can modify and customize widget based on your own needs.

5 years since Flutter newly launched until today, the community of Flutter is getting bigger and gradually becoming one of the best cross platform mobile development in the market. It’s easy for you to find any resource online if you have encounter any issue or you can speed up your development by using the library provided by the community as well as Google itself.

The future of React Native and Flutter Mobile Development?

Over the few years, Thrive Technology has created number of apps in React Native and Flutter. We have created logistic booking apps, utility apps and social media application by using both cross platform mobile development. Despite the technology’s relative youth, we are skilled practitioners! Contact Thrive Technologies for a free consultation to discuss the possibility and benefits of adopting the mobile app development for your project.