After undergoing a beta testing phase with selected customers and internal staff, GXBank, Malaysia’s inaugural digital bank, is officially open to all Malaysians. Tailored for individuals seeking an alternative to traditional banking, GXBank distinguishes itself through appealing features and services that set it apart from other banks in Malaysia.


GXBank is now expanded to the rest of Malaysia

During the launch event, Pei Si Lai, CEO of GXBank, expressed, “Since our operational commencement in September 2023, we extensively tested our app with thousands of beta users, with nearly 50% utilizing the ‘Pockets’ feature, our app’s savings goal functionality. The top three reasons for our customers’ savings goals are emergencies, holidays, and investments. Following months of rigorous testing among GXBank’s internal staff, shareholders, partners, and selected Malaysians, we are now optimistic and encouraged to extend our services to the entire nation of Malaysia.


GX Card offers the best of GXBank in one physical card

The GX Card, the bank’s debit card, is poised to stand out as one of the premier debit cards, offering an unlimited 1% cashback without any cap. The imminent official launch of the GX Card represents a tangible means for the bank to establish a meaningful connection with its customers.

The GX Card boasts additional features such as zero markups or fees on foreign transactions, a waiver of the RM1 fee when used at over 10,000 MEPS ATMs nationwide, and 1.5x GrabRewards points for users spending at Jaya Grocer. Notably, there are currently no fees for overseas cash withdrawals via the Mastercard network.

Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to earn a daily interest rate of 3% p.a. by parking their funds in the main accounts or “Pockets,” which is the bank’s term for savings goals accessible within the app.


Opening promotion with GXBank

As a part of the inaugural promotion, GXBank is providing a cashback of RM20 for every deposit of RM100 or more, along with an extra RM8 when customers register their GXBank account with Duitnow. Additionally, GX Bank is extending rebates of up to RM29.40 (4 x RM4.90) on GrabUnlimited accounts when customers connect their GX Accounts to their Grab account.

Interested parties can download the GXBank app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For more information, please visit GXBank’s website.

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