There are many different types of website design across Malaysia as Malaysian are getting more familiarized with purchasing item and goods online. When it’s come to designing websites, there are many different types of website design and all have their own unique features. Different business modal will need different type of website design to help improve online presence. Here are the few types of website design to help you decide what is best for your business.

Static Website Design – Fuzionet Technologies

Static website is suitable for business or company that want to show their company profile and information that will not be change often. Usually corporate website will use static website design. That’s because most of the information on the website has no changes occurring in the course of time. However, it is still flexible to change the outdate content and information.

Fuzionet Technologies website is a corporate website in one page static design. We helped them to display all their company information and services in their static website. Customer will easily understand what their company doing and the service they provided. This is because most of the information displayed in their website is comfortable and easy to navigate.

Content Management System (CMS) Website – Mommy Daddy & I

Content Management System (CMS) is a website that allow graphical user interface with tools to create, edit and publish web content without coding from scratch. For corporate or business that have huge amount of different products or services will be suitable to have a CMS websites. This is because you are able to change the product details from time to time based on your own needs. Besides, some company will need to update their website frequently for their company news so that their consumer or customer will get to know the latest update from the company.

Mommy Daddy & I is the all-in-one platform equipped with a comprehensive suite of pregnancy-related articles, workshops, support, exclusive rewards and privileges to make both pregnancy and parenting journeys into a seamless and meaningful experience. They have different types of products and workshops on their website which they will update frequently so everyone are able to visit their website for more detail information.

eCommerce Website – ISARB BRAND

An eCommerce website allows people to buy and sell physical goods or service over the internet rather than at a physical location. Payment gateway will be integrated in the website to allow customer to make payment and allow transaction to work smoothly. Website owner are able to upload their own goods or service that they provided with detailed description. Customer are able to add desired items into cart and checkout to proceed with payments. Once transaction was being made successfully, business owner will be able to check the order details from admin portal.

ISARB Brand website is Malaysia first fashion brand website that utilize QR code feature in their products. For more details about the QR feature, you may visit their official website. Product details are short but easily understandable.

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