Event Microsites

Your first step towards creating a smooth and memorable online event to raise your brand awareness and increase consumer engagement.

Event Microsites Development

Your event and attendee experience is significant, as you are no likely emphasising through marketing, social media, and influencers. But, in the end, how do you make that message stand out among the chaos of the enormous brand?

Event Microsites

Event Microsites Strategy

Know about what your event is doing and executing the event microsites strategies what to show for the target audientce. Make sure to captivate your target audience’s attention by producing visually appealing designs that appeal to them and deliver the primary message of your event.

Content Writing

When target audiences visit your event microsite, they should be clear about what the event is about and what they stand to gain by attending. This is why you should supply them with all of the knowledge they require to persuade and lead them. The information should be well-written on your event microsite.

UI / UX Design

If you’re using your microsite to promote an event, it should serve as a landing page. As a result, it should have unambiguous calls to action that direct prospects to register, purchase tickets, read or download material, or do any other activity necessary on the site.

Gamification and Prizes

Gamification is an optional implementation for your event microsites that provides an additional advantage that allows your target audience to learn more about your new branding or product launch. You can giving prizes away by creating a spin wheel, gumball machine or any interactive drag and drop games.

Social Media Connections

Including social media buttons and embedded social feeds on your microsite will assist increase event awareness. Attendees should be able to Tweet or post an experience from your event straight to their social media networks. Include Twitter feeds, Facebook and Instagram share buttons, and automated share options that can post a portion of your publicly accessible information on social media.

Reports and Tracking

A report will be generated by the end of the event includes information like number of registered users, the prizes of user get, and tnumber of users has shared out to social media kind of actions. With the following funcationalities, it allows you to track and analyse the effectiveness of your event campaigns.

Event Microsite Pricing

Bringing you the best user experience and interaction for your target audience.

Event Microsite FAQ

How fast you can build a Event Microsite?

It depends on the scope of the work, we usually take 1 week to 1 month to deliver based on what the customer want to add into the microsite.

I’ve got an idea, where do I start?

Contact us. One of our team members will contact you by phone or email within one working day if you submit your proposal using this form.

Call 601172746960 if you’d prefer to speak with a member of the team straight away to discuss your ideas and project.

Can I have a game in my Event Microsite?

Yes of course. To have a game in your event microsite, it’s definitely a positive impact to your branding by giving engagement to your consumer. We would like to recommend few mini games for you as below.

  1. Spin Wheel lucky draw
  2. Gumball Machine lucky draw
  3. Balloon Pop with timer and points
  4. Drag and drop animation effect
My event has few booths, can I do QR check in for my audience?

Yes, we too offer similar services. Simply let us know how ydo you want to tackle your consumer by providing such functionalities, and we will provide more guidance.

Do you provide the Event Microsite design?

Yes we can provide the Event Microsift by our in house designer. However it’s recommended to have your own designer due to you are the subject matter expert for your event and business.

Can you deliver my project quicker?

Yes, in certain instances; no, in others.

Can a baby be delivered by nine women in one month? Tech initiatives may also be compared to this example.

Sometimes a project may be finished significantly more quickly by allocating extra development resources to it. In other circumstances, though, we could be constrained by the project, the technology, or the security needs.

Contact us as soon as you can if you have a specific date in mind so that we can try our absolute best to accommodate you.

Do I have to be local to work with you?

Nope! Our main office is located in Kuala Lumpur, but we serve clients across Malaysia and international clients.

Benefit of Event Microsite

Better Event Branding

A microsite allows you to build an unique brand for your event that is distinctive from the brand of your company. Microsite is allowing your outreach team to showcase a side of your brand that differs significantly from the picture you provide on your main website. On the other hand, your consumer may click into your main website too and it causes your other product could exposed to your target audience in this case.

Targeted Data Tracking

Your marketing team will appreciate the ability to track who is interested in and has already registered for the event by incorporating tracking codes on a microsite. An event microsite serves as a landing page for campaigns, allowing you to track performance and gain vital information into the efficacy of your entire event promotion efforts.

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