SMS Marketing Malaysia

A simple one stop solution to broadcast your message with multiple purposes to communicate with your customers or audience by one of the best SMS marketing Malaysia company.

SMS Marketing Malaysia

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SMS Marketing Malaysia

Content Preparation

We need your side to prepare the content for SMS in order for us to blast out the message to your recipient. Your message could be used for member notifications, marketing broadcasts, SMS Campaigns, automated notifications, online ordering & etc. The limit is only up to your imagination!

SMS Recipients

You may just email or send us all of the contact number, and we will assist you with compiling all of the recipients into a file to ensure there is no repetitive contact number.

Reports & Tracking

The sent out SMS results reporting includes information like as success, failed or sent, allowing you to track and analyse the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

No Contract, No Commitment

You just pay when you use it. There are no monthly/yearly commitments. SMS messaging has never been easier.

Reliable SMS Service

You don’t have to worry about sluggish sending rates since we provide the finest and most dependable SMS service route for your customers. As long as your consumers’ contact numbers are valid and all prerequisites are satisfied, your SMS will be in excellent hands.

Global Coverage

We are not limiting the consumers’ contact number must be within Malaysia country, we also provide the  coverage such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau, Philippines, Cambodia, Loas, Vietnamm, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many more.

SMS Marketing Pricing

Fastest & Easiest Digital Marketing Solution.

SMS Marketing Malaysia FAQ

How long it takes to send out all the SMS?

It depends on the number of contact numbers that you would like to send out. Usually it takes 3 seconds for your recipients to receive the message.

Will I be charged for the SMS that fail to deliver?

Yes, we will be charging the per SMS cost regardless if it is success or fail.

How many characters per SMS?

1 Normal Text SMS is 160 alphanumeric characters.
1 Unicode Text SMS (Chinese / Japanese) is 70 characters.

Can I try before I proceed with my purchase?

Yes definitely, we are giving you to try out up to 10 SMS. Just contact us if you would like to try it out.

What information is contained in the SMS campaign report & tracking?

The campaign reports and tracking give you a plethora of information on the performance of your campaigns, as well as tools for managing and improving that performance over time. The SMS campaign reports and tracking contain a lot of information, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s accessible and what it all means:


  • Success – sms has reached the handset
  • Fail – sms fail to reach the handset (most common reason is mobile number is not active).
  • Sent – sms is still in transmission to reach the handset. Most likely at the time of your sending, the mobile user is not reachable. Telco will retry for the next 48 hours.
Can I get cheaper price if I would like to send to more recipients?

Yes you can get a cheaper price according to the price below.

1000 SMS – RM 0.2 / SMS

5000 SMS – RM 0.18 / SMS

10000 SMS – RM 0.16 / SMS

For more than 10000 SMS – RM 0.12 / SMS

Benefit of SMS Marketing

Fast and Effective

SMS Marketing enables you to reach a big number of individuals all at once. Text messaging is an immediate marketing technique that gets your word to the right people at the right time. Customers always have their phones with them, making it simple to convey your message to them.

Cost Effective

In comparison to traditional marketing, SMS marketing is a low-cost method of communication. It will assist your company in tightening its budget. Many public and private companies save money every day by sending text messages instead of letters or brochures; this is also good for the environment!

Improve communication

Communication is essential for every long-term relationship. When it comes to strengthening these ties, SMS marketing may be really beneficial. SMS is a direct message from you to your target audience. Let them in on the hidden deal, send a short thank you note after a purchase, notify them of any sales/promotional offers, notify them when their delivery is ready, and so on. SMS Marketing is a simple, quick, and dependable method of communicating with all of your clients.

Straight to the point

With just 160 characters permitted when sending a text message, your message will be clean and simple. It is critical to go right to the point; informing them exactly what you want them to know and making it easy to understand will help both the client and your organization.

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