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Microsoft is doing their marketing on Windows 10 newly launched operating system. They needed project microsites that are mobile responsive, look clean, modern, and also can help to generate online leads.



The website was developed to provide a user-friendly experience, and optimized for mobile devices. AMD was raising awareness on their new Ryzen product to compete with Intel back in 2017.


Customized, Event, Gamification

A clean and professional look was required for the build of Acer’s microsite as well as best user experience to interact with every functionalities such as spin wheel and check in QR code within the website.


Branding, Event, Gamification

For the Shiseido Christmas event microsite, they needed a design which suit to the theme, therefore the web design will comes with the snowfall and allow user to interact with gumball machine.

Shiseido Ginza Tokyo

Branding, Event, Gamification

Shiseido is one of the leading company in cosmetics industry, a very outstanding look and feel microsite was vital to make sure the customer are having positive impacts to what are they browsing on the website.

Semi Sweet

Branding, Customized, E-commerce

A cosmetic e-commerce needed to have a polished appearance and provide the greatest user experience for interacting with all of its features.

Innotet Services

Branding, Corporate

The website was developed to provide a user-friendly experience, and optimized for mobile devices. In addition, we have also integrated a Content Management System (CMS) to enable the clients to update the website content without any coding.

Hawkblaze Solution

Corporate, Digital Marketing

A corporate profile that provide with informative is a key to their customer to make sure their customer knows what business are they doing and a editor to allow update the content without hassle.


Branding, Corporate

The corporate website was designed with the user in mind, and it has been optimized for mobile devices. The client would like to let their customer redirect to Shopee and Lazada platform which raising their brand awareness.

The Secret Garden

Corporate, E-commerce

Expert imagery and delicate animation, as well as elegant page transitions and subtle easing, all add to the website’s opulent appearance and feel.

Amber Group


The website design of Amber Group is having opulent appearance and feel is a result of expert imagery, delicate animation, lovely page transitions, and subtle softening.

Trilithon solution

Corporate, Digital Marketing

The website was created to offer a user-friendly experience and was mobile-friendly. To allow the clients to edit the website material without any coding, we have additionally included a Content Management System.

EZ Fresh

Customized, E-commerce

EZ Fresh wants a grocery e-commerce website which allow their customer to pre-booking and purchase vegetables through online system to ease the process of their labor.

EC Pixels

Branding, Digital Marketing

EC Pixels website was created with a triathlon look alike feeling to let their customer knows that they are doing the sports event organizer at the first glance. We also help to do E-mail marketing to their participants for latest news update.

Isarb Brand

Branding, Customized, E-commerce

Isarb Brand is one of the leading YouTube influencer in Malaysia. Their website is looking neat and clean to make sure their customer purchase merchandise and check the product originality with ease.

Touch N Go

Customized, Digital Marketing, Event

Touch N Go is a leading E-Wallet and marketing company in Malaysia. We help to build a system for them to send out their Winner marketing emails easily and able to read the e-mail message to check if the user answer their question correctly.

Prime Malaysia

Branding, Corporate

A very travel feeling was required for HTT Travel Malaysia website to let user know that what kind of industry they are working with after get into the website.

Menu 888


Menu888 is a charity website form by Thrive Technologies to build up the community by giving free advertisement for evert hawker stall during pandemic period.

Liners Malaysia

Booking System, Customized

Liners is a logistic company in Malaysia. We are helping the company to build up the whole logistic system to allow customer and driver utilize it as well as admin to match the orders.

Red Inn Hotpot

SEO Marketing

Red Inn Hotpot is one of the famous hotpot restaurant in Malaysia with more than 10 branches. We provide SEO service to increase their search ranking in Google.

Chai Lian Seng


Chai Lian Seng is a Plastic and Glass packaging company which located in Malaysia, we help to build up their corporate profile to let customer knows which product are in availability.

Fuzionet Technologies


The website was developed to provide a user-friendly experience, and optimized for mobile devices. We help Fuzionet to build a corporate profile website to let their customer know that they are world leading technologies with security solutions


Branding, Customized, E-commerce

Sscus website was created to offer a user-friendly experience which easier for their customer to purchase their product in just few clicks. The website is having installment feature that customer is able to pay the bill in split.

Yolo Run KL

Branding, Digital Marketing

Thanks to our digital marketing efforts, YoloRun has increased its brand awareness and attracted more runners to register for its first marathon in Malaysia in 2023. 🏃‍♂️

Shiseido Suncare

Branding, Event

Shiseido needs a microsite in order to do a ocean campaign with their customer by contributing the reef check for every purchase through the website.

Tune Protect

Branding, Digital Marketing

Tune Protect is needed a website that offers online protection plans for various needs, such as travel, personal accidents, and snatch theft. It is a licensed insurer in Malaysia with 16 branchse nationwide and its head office in Kuala Lumpur.

Shiseido Power Of Three

Event, Gamification

Shiseido Power Of Three is a microsite that Shiseido created to introduce their latst products to the customers. The website lets the customers drag and drop different items to learn about the benefits of the new products from Shiseido.



Blaze MMA Fitness is a website to showcase their fitness instructor and also their gym facilities. The website also show various type of classes and schedule to ease their members and potential new client to understand more on their classes.



Urus Anggun is a corporate website to show their company profile as a manufacturer of a fertilizer for high yield crops using advanced technology. The website also showcase testimonial and results of crops using their fertilizer.

360 Supernova


Supernova is a premier event company that create customized, engaging and immersive marketing experiences for online and offline audience. The website showcase their company details, service and also their portfolio.

Devanson Consulting


Devanson Consulting is a website to showcase their professional consultation service. The website show various type of consulting services and company information to ease potential customer to understand more on their services.

Triys Consulting Firm


Triys Consulting Firm is build with one page design to showcase their mechanical and electrical consultation service. The website show various type of consulting services and company key projects to attracts potential customers.

Takaful Malaysia

Digital Marketing

Takaful Malaysia is the first Islamic Insurance Company in Malaysia. We helped to set up the Google Tag Manager to track visitor behaviour on the website and provide click and view statistic.

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